My Ambilight


This is my version of the 30 channel  Ambilight. Based on Atmega328P-AU with Arduino bootloader, 2x TLC5940 PWM drivers, and FT232RL chip for USB communication

How it works:

BobLight is calculating colours, sending it to FT232RL, which communicates with Atmega over TTL serial. MCU will recieve the data, do some calculations (map value range, adjust colours) and send it over SPI to the TLC5940. TLC5940 is then driving logic transistors what are powering the LED strips.
Simple as that

Approximate Cost (for accurate do your own calculations):
Atmega -  €5
FT232RL -  €5
500mA Logic PNP x30 - €3
2x TLC5940 - €6
resistors, leds, etc -  €15

 +board & time 

I also made my own LED strips. There is 10 of them around the telly.  Everything below:


Will be added later today :) I have to record it first



 Eagle Files, Source code, Boblight (Windows) & TLC library (for 2 TLCs):    Download

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