neděle 27. ledna 2013

Next project coming up soon

Hi, I didn't update my blog for almost half a year because I was working on a (for me) large project. I'm coming to the Final now. My Analog Power supply with digital interface is almost done and I'll upload all schematics, code and pictures soon. I hope you'll like it.

I'm still working on the program, but except the special functions its done (The HEX file itself is now over 40kB and has over 3000 lines of code)

By special functions I mean  LED tester, LED calculator, ohm-meter and program for serial communication with PC.

It has everything I wanted from it and was the goal in the previous post from August

BTW: after the unexpected success of the RGB clock (and a few confirmed builds of it) I plan to update it's page with more videos and pictures and add some animations to the program.

And after that I got already parts and have a design for my DIY audio mixer. The plan for that is:
7.1 audio mixer with stackable input sections for each channel, independent mapping of input to output. By that I mean that every input channel (out of the 8) can be mapped to any or multiple output channels. I need it because my computer and my TV is in different places in the room and I want the speakers to match the position of the device I'm currently working on. A2DP bluetooth will be built-in to support playing from my phone. And of course IR remote (with implemented auto-learn to support any remote - I'm sure everyone has a few buttons on the remote that aren't in use)

Again, wish me luck :)