úterý 21. srpna 2012

New project

The summer is almost gone and I'm moving onto another project.
Idea is: Arduino based control panel for my analogue transistor based power supply with current limiter.

What I want: Graphic LCD, rotary encoder, 16bit ADC converters reading voltages & current, digital Potentiometers setting voltage & current. Few buttons, few LEDs.

Why I want it? 
I built a power supply 0-30V 0-3A that serves me well for around a year, but would like to give it more of a digital touch. And its a little bit challenging. (Third project with MCU).
Hopefully I'll manage to take the best from digital & analog world :)

Wish me luck.

BLuetooth L6 breakout board

I've added a small board for Bluetooth L6 module with 3.3V to 5V TTL converter and LEDs for status & pairing info.

pátek 3. srpna 2012

DIY Arduino 180 RGB LED Wall clock

I've added all files for the Arduino clock
Everything is running fine, but the animations are still not done. Maybe in the future.
So what can it do?
Show time, date, temperature, humidity and self adjust brightness.
It's changing colours and ways it is showing time.
+ I think my program is easy enough to modify for everyone (my programming skills are low and everything is written that way)

Feel free to change, modify, upgrade ...