neděle 20. května 2012

One thing with the Arduino nano design ... It's not working ! When I connected the board to the PC I got error message: USB device not recognized. After few hours of desoldering, soldering, ,checking, measuring continuity I got desperate, opened the FT232RL datasheet and found that TEST pin has to be connected to ground, which is not in the arduino nano schematics.

Fortunately there is pin beside what is GDN, so just a bit of solder to shorten these pins and voila, drivers installed. Burned bootloader using second arduino board as ISP and now I'm running succesfully "Hello world" sketch on my new board :)

Next step: check the communication with TLC5940 and write the code for recieving from serial port and writing data to SPI. This time the chip doesn't have to do much :)

Have I mentioned, that there is also photoresistor? Have to figure out how, but I'd like it to adjust the ambilight to the actual ambient light (If enabled)

Oh yes, and BTW ... I have already done board design for the LED strips. In local shop they want 15€ for 0.5m strip with 6 LEDs on it! What a ripoff. My ones will be 30cm with 6 RGB leds on it.
I'm making 10 of them (3 top, 3 bottom, 2 each side of telly). I still have around 70 LEDs left over from the clock project, they'll come in handy

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